memory word game

This fun game is a variation of the Abc game. Like the game Memory you may have played growing up with playing cards, this game will stretch your thinker to its thinking breaking point!

Instead of matching cards, you will need to memorize long strings of names. The game will start out simple, but will get complex very fast.

Even if you have a bad short term memory this is the perfect game to help strengthen and sharpen the mind while still having fun.

Fun Fact

How To Play


Be the last person in the group that is able to recite the whole string of words.

Game Play

  1. Like the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz game, this game starts with the letter "a" and ends on the letter "z".
  2. The first player comes up with a word starting with an "a." For example: "Apple"
  3. Then the next person must repeat that word in addition to adding another word starting with the next letter in the alphabet. For Example: "Apple," "Bear"
  4. Keep going around, all players will continue adding to the string of existing words dictated by the current alphabetical character. The first person to miss repeating all words in the current string is out. The turn then goes to the next person.
  5. If you complete the alphabet, start over with the letter "a," and continue the string of words.
  6. The Last person to be able to recount the whole string of words wins!

To add a little more excitement to your game, try playing with a game timer Now the pressure is really on!

How do you play the memory word game?