Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Game help break things up a bit. Almost any age can play. All you need to know is the alphabet!

Typically the game is played by calling out letters in alphabetical order starting with the letter "A". In order to advance to the next letter a player must be able to visually point out a letter from something seen from the car. This could be anything from a license plate, to a road sign or billboard. The first player that gets to the letter "Z" wins!

Its always help full to play the abc game on when your NOT hungry. If your like our family, looking around at all the different food signs can work up an appetite really fast. We always try to pack something healthy to snack on, such as blueberries or some kind of healthy granola just in case.

The abc game has many variations. Each with its own level of difficulty. You don't always have to play by visually spotting the letters; you can also try playing by the first letter in the spelling of a sound something makes. Either way, this game is definitely a staple game worldwide and can be an enjoyable way to help pass the time more quickly.

Fun Fact

How To Play The Abc Game


Be the first person to reach the letter "Z"!


Group Game Play Variation

Starting with the letter "A" all players compete against each other trying to first spot that letter from somewhere outside of the car. The person that finds this particular alphabet letter first gets a point. The whole group then proceeds to the next letter in the alphabet. After the letter "Z" has been found, points are then tallied up. Whoever has the most points wins!

Group/Single Game Play Variation

In this version all players must complete the alphabet on their own. A player cannot claim a letter from a source that another player has already claimed. For example, if you see an "M" on a billboard as you are passing by and someone else claims that particular "M" first; you must find that letter on something else while the person that found it moves on to the next letter. No one else can use that "M".

The first person to complete his/her alphabet wins!

More Difficult Game Variation
  • For the more remote areas of the drive where there are not a whole lot of letters to be found you can use the beginning letter of a person place or thing. For example you might see a quarry for "Q" or a zig-zag for "Z."
  • To make the game a little more difficult and thought provoking, try going through the alphabet backwards!
  • Still too easy? Try playing by using only the sounds an object makes. For example; if you see a bird, you know it makes a "chirp" sound. Any letter in the word 'chirp' is open game for claiming.

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