Who Are We

Long road trips are a way of life fore most people. Sure there are easy ways to zombify the trip; listening to the radio, a good book on tape, thinking of the next light bulb iteration, but if my family is with me we miss out on a good opportunity to spend some quality time together. So in an effort to help alleviate this problem we have started playing road trip games. They keep us entertained, but also provide a conduit to spending quality family time together.

We have played many on the road games, with several different variations. And since I am a web developer by day, I thought I would compile our Top Road Trip Games into a site for others to use as well. Along with our favorite trip games, we have built a handy game tracker to help keep track of game points. Not to be outdone by our game timers to help manage the games themselves.

We hope you have as much fun as we have playing these road trip games!