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Playing any type of game is supposed to be fun, but unless it's refereed it can quickly become chaos. One of the most used tools in any game to help keep the game moving forward and to add more excitement and suspense is the game timer. Time also helps govern the overarching rule set of a game.

There are many different kinds of game timers, but the two most useful types are the basic count down and count up timers. Each game timer has its own purpose and usefulness. The stop watch is great for games with unknown time limits, the kind of games that could last for days. Using a timer helps ensure that player turns are not too long, hence overly extending a game. A chess game clock is a great example. The count down timer is a simple way to add suspense to a dull game or to make an exiting game even more enjoyable. Scrabble, Pictionary, and Charades are great games that are made even more exciting by using a timer that counts down in the form of a small sand hour glass.

Online Stop Watch

This game timer starts from zero and counts up. Options include starting, stopping and continuing the timer. You may also restart and re-queue the stop watch.

Start Restart Re-Queue Stop Watch

Special thanks to Jyrki Laurila for building a simple to use JQuery stop watch. For more JQuery Runner examples, please visit https://github.com/jylauril/jquery-runner.

Count Down Timer

This timer starts from specified time and then counts down to zero. This count down can turn a mediocre game into a frenzy of excitement! To get started simply set when you want the countdown to begin and then press the "Queue Count Down Timer" button to get started.

Additional options include an alert box and an audible alert sound upon completion of the timer's countdown.

Game Countdown Timer Configuration

Queue Count Down Timer

Start Stop Restart

Special thanks to Wim Barelds for building a simple to use count down timer. For more TimeCircles examples, please visit http://git.wimbarelds.nl/TimeCircles/index.html.

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