name that tune game musical sheet

If you love music as much as my family does, then you will love this game! The basis of this game is to try and guess the song playing before anyone else can. This game can be played using the car radio or from someone's ITunes or another MP3 device.

Personally, I love this game. This game will test both your breadth and depth of song titles and/or musicians. The ways to play are as endless as there are radio stations.

Usually reserved for those who listen to music fairly often, this game is most fun when everyone playing is well versed in all musical flavors. That is not to say you couldn't just play on a specific genera of music, this game is more fun when you can just bounce between all radio stations or through a complete shuffle from your favorite mp3 media device.

Fun Fact

How To Play The


Be the first person in your group to guess the correct song that is being played

Game Play

  1. Select a Conductor. This will be the referee. Their job will be to play and stop the music and determine winners.
  2. Get your music source ready!
    • If you're using an MP3 device, set it to shuffle. Then press play.
    • If you're using the radio, it helps to have some pre-defined radio stations. This will allow you to be able to jump back and forth between known good radio stations without a lot of static.
  3. The conductor will now find a tune and play it for three seconds. The first person to guess the song correctly earns a point!
    Use a game timer to help manage each players turn.

Game Play Variations

To make things a little more difficult, reduce the time needed for a guess. All wrong guesses get a point subtracted from the players score. Make your guesses count!

To make the game easier, increase the guess time. You can also start out trying to guess only the music type (rock, country, religious.)

Another variation that can be played by having your radio set to auto scan (most modern radios should have a feature similar to this). Basically the radio will start searching for nearby radio stations and stop for a couple seconds before jumping to the next one it can find. The first person to recognize and name a song will earn a point.

Also, if you are not as familiar with song titles, you can try naming the artist who is singing the song.

What is your favorite way to play name that tune?