ISpy road trip game

I have many fond memories of playing the age old classic I spy game as a kid with my cousins. Its the perfect kind of game that can be played almost anywhere, including your car! Like the cloud game and due to the visible nature of this game, ISpy is best played in the day time when objects are easily seen.

Let the games begin! I spy with my with little eye something small and pointy. It rhymes with grouse and has a tail. What is it? Why it's your handy computer mouse, which should now be being used to scroll down the page to view the proper way to play this game.

Fun Fact

How To Play


Be the first person in your group to have three correct guesses.

Game Play

  1. Select someone to go first. The first person must find something that is within eyesight. If using something outside of the car, use a large landmark or something that will be visible by everyone for a long enough time to spot it.
  2. Whoever is going first starts the game by declaring "I spy with my little eye something that __". Fill in the blank with a one word clue that describes the object in question. This could be a color or the first letter of the objects name.
  3. Each person in the group, sequentially gets a turn to guess once. Turn order goes clockwise.
  4. Do you best to guess the correct answer. Unlike the 21 questions game, this is not about sleuthing as much as it is just trying to guess the correct answer outright, before the next player can.
  5. The first group member to guess right wins a point.
  6. First person to 3 points wins!

ISpy with my little eye...