cloud shape covering the sun

This game provides much stimulation for your imagination and is fun for the old and young alike. I have many fond memories of sitting on my back porch as a kid making shapes out of the clouds and imagining if CareBears really lived up there. Our minds were built to imagine and pick out shapes and no game better suits that game than the cloud game. This game could also be combined with the ABC game for an extra layer of enjoyment.

Clouds come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some clouds are happy and some can get very angry or even downright scary! No matter what, you will find that no two clouds are the same. Whatever the shape, you will be sure to get a fair share of smiles and laughs and no doubt, give your imagination a good workout too.

Our minds are tuned to patterns and shapes; the kids in all of us will love the cloud game! Of course, this game is best played on those slighty overcast days. Check your local weather before leaving for your trip if you plan on playing this one. It's also best played when driving in relatively flat terrain and during the day.

Fun Fact

How To Play


Be the first person in your group to guess the correct cloud formation

Game Play

  1. The youngest in the car goes first.
  2. That person will spot a shape in a cloud and declare that shape to the group playing.
  3. Then in clockwise pattern, everyone in the car each takes a guess as to where and which cloud they see that shape in. You must think fast! Clouds move and change shape quickly.
  4. Each person gets one guess. The first person to guess the correct cloud gets a point!

Game Comments