spot it abacus counter

Also known as the counting game, this game is great for the both kids and adults! This game is simple to play and should be able to keep the attention of even the youngest in your group. The game play is super simple but can be made as complex as you would like for all those math majors. Playing at night can greatly increase the difficulty.

Not only fun, but it's educational too! The counting game is perfect and full of surprises since you never know whats coming down the road next. The anticipation helps make the time and miles fly by. This was a great game to play with my toddlers and I still find them playing this game after many years.

And to help get you in the counting mood, here's a little Bill Haley to get you started.

Fun Fact

How To Play


Be the first person in your group to reach the count limit of what you chose to count.

Game Play

  1. Everybody should first decide how high the count is going to go. In our car we usually set the count to 25, but it can be higher or lower depending on the age group.
  2. Next, find something to count! Make sure it's in abundance or your game might find the bottom of the boredom barrel rather quickly. Here are some ideas:
    • Mile Markers
    • Car Colors
    • Specific Road Signs
    • Police Cars
    • Animals
    • If it's night, you can count the cars with only ONE headlight (a point is taken away if it turned out to be a motor cycle).
  3. In order to get a point, you must be the first to spot that item. No one else can claim something once you have claimed it.
  4. The game ends when someone gets to 25!
  5. Try our simple game tracker to help keep track of your points.
  6. Want a hard game? Try counting by odds, evens or prime numbers.

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