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When my kids were younger we would play this game a lot. This game is a variation of the 21 questions game, but with a twist. Your guesses should be in the form of a question, just like the tv game show Jeopardy..

Jeopardy is unique in that the answers to the game questions are given up front; it's up to the contestants to come up with the question. The riddle game is played the same way.

If you think your kids are too young to play this game, think again! I would have never thought to have played this game if it wasn't for my two young boys at the time. At four and five I overheard them in the back seat telling each other riddles. I later found out they learned it from school. They even had a couple that stumped me. The riddle game turned into a family favorite.

Fun Fact

How To Play


Be the first person in your group to guess the riddle.

Game Play

  1. Select someone to be the Riddler. Usually the youngest person in the group will go first.
  2. The Riddler will declare the subject (person, place, thing, or animal).
  3. Next, the Riddler will come up with a short riddle describing that object. Younger players can just describe the object they are thinking of.

    For Example:
    I am dark and grey and like to play high. While the sun can feed me, it can also starve me. What am I?
    The answer: A Cloud
  4. Going clockwise around your group, each person gets a guess.
  5. If no one gets the answer within the first round of questions, the Riddler should provide a few more clues and the circle of guesses begins again.
  6. The first person to guess right gets a point!
  7. The next person, going clockwise, after the first Riddler, goes next and assumes the title of the Riddler.

Do you have a favorite riddle to share?